Work and Career


On work:

  • 1 doctor of pharmaceutical Sciences;
  • 5 candidates of Sciences, 4 pharmaceutical and 1 chemical.
  • 68 % of the employees of the production Department, warehouse, supervision departments and quality assurance, engineering services have higher education;
  • 62 % of employees have special education – chemical, technological and pharmaceutical.

most of the employees have higher education, graduated from the St. Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy.

If you want to become part of a friendly team "Raduga Production", have sufficient knowledge and competencies for working on highly technical pharmaceutical industry – send CV to, or follow the latest updates on the website.

Summary data on the results of the SOUTH

In accordance with item 6 of article 15 of the Federal law dated 28.12.2013 No. 426-FZ "On special assessment of working conditions" JSC "Raduga Production" publishes summary data on the results of special assessment of working conditions in part the establishment of classes (subclasses) of working conditions at workplaces of the company in 2016 , 2017 , 2019