For partners

We produce drugs in solid dosage forms - tablets, coated tablets, hard capsules, and also provide services for primary and secondary packaging of a wide spectrum dosage forms, including injectable.

in Addition to the contract, "Raduga Production" produces medicines under its own brand. The potential capacity of one million tablets and capsules per year.

the Plant "Raduga Production" have a longstanding partnership with companies, Roche, Ipsen, KRKA trust us to manufacture their products. Continuous improvement and desire to meet international standards quality is our priority and the key to the expansion of cooperation with leading European companies. Since the launch of the plant in 2012 were successfully conducted audits and inspections drug manufacturers: Actavis, AstraZeneca, IPSEN, KRKA, Roche, Sandoz. For 7 years we accumulated considerable experience in implementing international projects, advanced technologies, complete production cycle, control and quality assurance of the final product.

We are ready for partnership with pharmaceutical companies, because the localization contract manufacturing world pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Russian Federation allows to make the provision of the population of our country effective drugs more available, and therefore to improve the quality of human life.