Promotion service 'Raduga Production'

Team of experienced brand managers and professional medical representatives provides management services and promotion of brands of pharmaceuticals, parapharmaceutical and cosmetic products the territory of the Russian Federation.

Comprehensive package of promotion includes:

package promotion

Public (re-registration) of medicinal products, dietary SUPPLEMENTS, cosmetics our partners and suppliers in Russia.

marketing strategy brand: includes an analysis of the competitive environment, definition of promotional tools, pricing policies, channels, and geographic distribution, development creative marketing concepts. Individual approach to each brand and is focused on achieving the planned volume of sales and profit.

Work of medical representatives with doctors, according to a specified schedule of visits and technical assignment drawn up for each drug. The visits are tightly controlled, is permanent monitoring of the assigned tasks.

medical representatives Work in pharmacies, includes controlling display of drugs on pharmacy shelves, tracking the needs of pharmacies in the product, conducting training farmbrough, etc.

brand Promotion in the scientific community, work with the medical community. Generalization clinical experience in the use of promoted products. Demonstration of research results by publications in specialized journals, speeches before an audience at the scientific-practical events.



Xenical® (orlistat)
Xenical® (orlistat)
Manufacturer company Roche® (Switzerland).
Inhibitor of
gastrointestinal lipases.
Bonviva® (ibandronic acid)
Bonviva® (ibandronic acid)
Manufacturer company Roche® (Switzerland).
Inhibitor of bone resorption in osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.